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Ear Acupuncture in Dogs and Horses Pocket Guide

Claudia Loyall, Anja Füchtenbusch

This pocket guide complements our book „Ear Acupuncture in Dogs and Horses (Claudia Loyall, Anja Füchtenbusch)“ and is intended to provide easy orientation for the use of ear acupuncture on animals. The pocket-sized ear acupuncture maps for dogs and horses are organized in such a way that you will always find the respective somatotope of the left ear on the left-hand page and that of the right ear on the righthand page of the book.

Thanks to the spiral binding, you don't have to open and fix a book, but have the desired orientation map as an individual map on top. This facilitates point detection and therapy on the animal's ear.

The pocket guide is supplied as additional material together with the book.

60 pages, A6, spiral binding